Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Hand writing - a dying art.

For those of you who read my blog regularly, you will know that I have hemiparesis on my left side. In the past 10 months, I have worked really hard at building my strength back into my left side and compensating with my right side so that it is not noticeable.

In so many ways now, it is not noticeable. My gross motor skills and strength are excellent. I am possibly the best in my job (and most humble!) at manual handling skills - and by manual handling, I am referring to human beings. Some of the boys are a bit better than me, but for quite a short girl with a slightly weird walk - I am pretty good and I own those skills. I always passed driving requirements, medically speaking.

With my fine motor skills, I am still working on them. I think I am dropping things less than I did. My arm prefers to be bent and my wrist dropped. This is still true, but it is less so than it was. I am working on putting on make up. I am doing this for two reasons.
1) Fine Motor Skills: it's an excellent way to practice my fine motor skills - and just to clarify, I am naturally left handed
2) Self-Esteem. I am not saying you need make up to look and feel good, but in my case I definitely had gotten into a bit of a rut with taking care of myself and this is an exercise that is helping - slowly but surely.

I am also doing activities like straightening my hair - but I am still doing that right handed for the moment, or getting help with them. Slowly but surely.

I had my 21st birthday the other week, and I had a party. It was fun - a clash of different parts of my life, and it was rather a strange and honouring experience. For those who saw on Facebook, I ended up wearing the sparkly silver flats over the jelly shoes - it was a good compromise that my mum and I came to.

Three Best Friends 

"Other Family" - Charmaine's Family. I had done my own make up but had needed help with my hair.

And I was showered with very generous gifts! It was overwhelming and now I am writing thank you notes to everyone for their kindness and for their attendance.

Secret fact about me: I actually have beautiful hand-writing. It isn't well known. Grandmama and Mama keep looking at shock at how neat my hand-writing is. It is taking me a very, very long time to do. It is very difficult to get them to be so neat. I can only two notes before having to take a break. I find it does not only strain my left hand, but my right hand clenches as well.

But - it's such a sense of achievement for me. I can type a blog post in the space of five minutes, but these 20 or so notes will probably take me a week.

And I am going to do it! Just watch me!

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  1. First let me say Happy Belated birthday! You look beautiful! Bethany had a stroke and is weak on her right side. So I understand from a mother's (and helper's) perspective a little of what you go through.